Wednesday, October 22, 2008


This is quite an important mastery which many somehow forget or simply ignore. I’ll ask you a
simple question. Is it worth it to have everything you’ve ever dreamed of, yet not have the physical health to be able to enjoy it? Do you wake up every morning feeling refreshed and energized? Or do you wake up feeling just as tired as before. We cram our bodies with high-fat, poison our systems with cigarettes, alcohol and drugs and sit passively in front of our TV sets. You will need to control your health and your looks as this will inadvertently control your emotions and the other masteries explained in this chapter. You must put priority on health over anything else because without it you may not achieve the success and financial freedom we so eagerly try to teach you here. I guess you can easily go out and buy any book on fitness and health. But I can teach you some fundamental steps to increase your health. When I complained to my doctor last time about me always being tired or how to reduce weight, he always advised me to eat as you need and exercise everyday. These are actually the two only ways to actually increase your health. Reducing weight is the best way to tell whether you have improved your health. However, to let you start of with something, let me guide you the steps you can straight away do. Remember I am not a doctor, so please go and get a professional’s advice for this area.

Step 1 : Go and see a doctor and do a full blast medical examination and perhaps ask for the doctors advise. This is the first step. You can actually deduct this from your tax or if you’re covered by your company better still. The main things you need to look at is your cholesterol levels, your sugar level and others.

Step 2 : Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI). Ask your doctor about this. BMI is made up of
your weight and height. If you are overweight, work to achieve your optimum BMI level
ie. reduce your weight to achieve that.

Step 3 : Try controlling your intake of fat and cholesterol. I promise you’ll feel better not stuffing
your stomach with too much intake. In other words, try to eat less but more frequent and don’t
skip any of the 3 main meals. Take more fish and vegetable and take less meat.

Step 4 : Drink at least 8 glasses of plain water daily. This is not air limau, soya bean or whatever.
Just get as much liquid into your body as possible.

Step 5 : Exercise daily. People always complain about not having the time to exercise. That is
perhaps the worst myth possibly created by mankind. All you need is 15 minutes a day doing simple exercises like taking a jog. Better still you can allocate 10 minutes in the morning before taking your shower and 10 minutes after coming back from work. If you can allocate more time the better. But again start slow and faster as you go. If you prefer other sports like swimming, tennis or golf by all means do but again jogging (aerobic activity) is the best sport to burn your fat. You’ll learn about making time later on from Time Mastery covered later.

Step 6 : Stop smoking and drinking. This way you save money as well as save yourself and others. I know it’s difficult and you may have heard this like 1 million times but this is the only way. I do not wish to dwell to much in this step.

Step 7 : Make sure you get enough rest and sleep. At least get 7 hours daily. Your brain work best once you get enough rest. It’s not the quantity that matters, it’s the quality. Once in school, I asked someone who scored 102% in Add Maths, what was the secret? He said he had enough sleep before the test.

Step 8 : Take holidays, hiking the jungle or walks along the beaches. It not only improves your
physical well being but also your emotional well being.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lossing Your Weight using Green Apples

Hi, Do you like green apple?. It's pretty sour right!. But it is used to reduce and remove unnecessary fat from your body. Some people says, green apples help your stomach to generate a special juice that corporate with gastric juice to process your daily meals in effective manner. It is recommended to have one or two of apples before you having your meals.